Higher standards and weight loss

I joined Weight Watchers because I know that at a lighter weight I will feel better, have more energy and of course, be all around healthier.  Weight Watchers is a great program that understands that everyday healthy eating that provides all the right nutrients along with exercise will get me to a healthier weight.

Now, if I had higher standards like our federal, state and district governments are mandating on public school children, I’d work on losing 5 – 10 pounds a week by walking 10 miles a day and eating only a leaf of lettuce every day.   But you see, I know that trying to lose this much weight that fast would actually be detrimental to my ultimate goals of feeling better, having more energy and actually being healthier.  I know that if anything I am putting myself in danger of some serious health related issues with this unhealthy, more rigorous diet.  And guess what. . there is NO evidence that higher education standards or a starvation type diet work.  I’m so tired of the words higher standards. . . so very tired as in the last 30 years, higher standards have not fixed our public schools.

And yet, this is exactly what we are doing to our children.  By setting these so called higher standards, we are ruining their natural curiosity, desire to learn, internal drive, and all around academic success by focusing on the wrong issue.  I joined Weight Watchers because they focus on healthy eating choices, portion control, and exercise – all of which create a healthy lifestyle that leads to a healthy weight loss.  It does not mean starvation, deprivation, and extreme rigor.  That wouldn’t work.  Even if I chose to starve myself and was able to lose weight, I know that the weight would come back on because I would go back to the unhealthy choices and probably even gain more weight than I started with.  I expect our current standards craze will cause some horrific damage to actual learning and probably make it even worse.

I want to have a healthy school environment.  I want them to play, discover, follow their curiosities, and grow into healthy, scholarly, democratically driven human beings.  We’ve emphasized standards far too long with no proof that they work.  Instead, let’s provide children with small class sizes, a rich curriculum, expert teachers that are allowed to teach and authentic meaningful educational practices that actually work.   Let’s stop labeling children but instead create a community public school that supports all children and not just a few.   This healthy approach is what will make our nation’s children successful!!

Alright, time to weigh in.  Have to go find the ruler!!

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  1. Ah! Someone is thinking the same way I am about the rush to meet “high standards”–thanks! Posted.–Nancymember of the American Society of Journalists and Authorshttp://www.nancypeske.comhttp://www.sensorysmartparent.com Follow my editor page on FacebookFollow me on TwitterFollow me on Pinterest

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