Who are you again?

“The goal is not what you learn today; the goal is to expand on your capacity to learn every day.” Seeds of Tomorrow by Angela Engel

One of my favorite teacher/authors is Franki Sibberson. I have read two of her books and particularly like and used Day-to-Day Assessment in the Reading Workshop as a guide in how to assess reading behaviors. I’ll talk about that assessment in another blog.
And if you have read my first blog and can agree that reading/learning is not linear like today’s market based reforms lead you to believe, I would like for us to explore that even more. In one of Franki’s blog entries she shares who she is as a reader. http://readingyear.blogspot.com/2010/10/100-things-about-me-as-reader.html
I’m going to share 10 things about me.
1. I love to read certain types of literature like historical fiction, biographies, novels, and professional books around teaching pedagogy.
2. My favorite reading spot is on my bed, under my comforter after my kids have gone to bed. Our bed was specifically bought to cater to my reading needs.
3. I have many favorite authors. Most recently this list includes Kate Morton, Maeve Binchy, and Tracy Chevalier.
4. When I find an author I like, as the ones listed above, I choose other books to read by the same author.
5. After reading a lot of a certain genre, I get sick of it, and have to switch to a different genre.
6. I have at least 2 or 3 books and various articles spread all over my bed stand ready to read. Right now the books in waiting are Education for Life by J. Donald Walters, The Distant Hours by Kate Morton, Tested by Linda Perlstein, and Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
7. I have to read the endings of fiction books sometime during the story. I hate surprises and once I know how it will end, I can enjoy the book.
8. The librarian at my elementary school inspired my desire to read by always asking me about what I liked to read and then making a strong effort to find the perfect book stating, “I think I have a book you’ll love. Let me know what you think.”
9. If a person asks about what I’m reading, I have a hard time orally retelling it. It takes a few attempts for the person asking to get an idea about what I’m trying to say.
10. I wish I could figure out a way to enjoy poetry, but I just haven’t yet.
I could go on, but won’t. What do you know about you as a reader? Please share a few with all of us.

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One response to “Who are you again?

  1. Barbara Bernhard

    1. I love to read a good mystery.
    2. I also enjoy reading professional (teaching) books.
    3. We listen to audio books in the car but I have a hard time following them.
    4. Reading books with my granddaughters gives me enormous pleasure.
    5. I hate reading directions of any kind.
    6. I retread a lot.

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